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Operational Management
Perfect Security Services propose to respond to all requirements by providing on a twenty-four hour, seven-days week basis, a competent and uniformed guard force to accomplish the requirements of the Clients, including but not limited to :
  • Patrolling / inspecting the location of the Client, motorized or on foot as feasible, to provide continuous surveillance of the designed area
  • Performing requisite public safety, law and order functions and prevention of criminal acts
  • Controlling access into and out of designated area by means of prescribed fixed security posts and patrols
  • Administering and enforcing established systems for personnel identification / budging
  • Safeguarding the Client and other designed areas / locations against unauthorized access, loss, theft, sabotage or malicious acts
  • Maintaining a security awareness / crime prevention program
  • Conducting fire prevention and safety surveillance
  • Conducting approved searches of personnel and vehicles
  • Providing escort to designated personnel
  • Responding to real / practice emergency situations
Maintaining a comprehensive reporting system and promptly submitting the prescribed reports to designed personnel. Providing the equipment, material and supplies specified in the solicitation.
Providing other security services as authorized by the Client's Security Incharge / Client Contact Person.
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