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Perfect Security Services is a leading investigative and consulting agency in Gujarat. Thr professional of its highly motivated staff helped work out large number of cases including knotty ones thereby earing accolades all around. Today it has infrastructure to deal with any type of problems and provide accurate inputs of information to its clients for necessary risk management and loss prevention - both extremely important for success. The rainbow of its cost effective and creative intelligence activities can broadly be classified as under :

  • Pre and Post employment verification
  • Matrimonial Investigation
  • Private Investigation 
  • Evidence collection
  • Insurance claims investigation
  • Asset verification for banks
If you are running an industry or are engaged in trade, you have to engage people. Labour problems are inevitable howsoever careful you may be. At times you have to dispense with some employees to ensure discipline. More often than not, such employees raise industrial disputes, demanding reinstatement, full wages etc. Since settlement through court takes long time in India. In order to avoid all such complication Industries try to probe the activities of such employee in the past. We help the industry to :
  • Past Record the application along with verification
  • Verification of authenticity of the information provided
  • Verification of the assets of the applicant / employee
  • The applicants social, political and legal standing
  • Any pending police case
  • Te background of the applicant  etc..
Marriage is a unison of two families, cultures, traditions. However, there is always a scope of rift between the parties on lost of trivial issues. This is an extremely sensitive issue since the sentiments of both the parties are involved. Over the years we have acquired the knack of investigation as per the party's requirements and satisfaction. Our records in this sensitive issue had been impeccable till data. We assure of complete confidentially in all cases.
Perfect security services have on its rolls trained investigators who have been in this field for more than 20 years. All investigations are done discretely and the client's confidentiality is maintained. The following investigations are undertaken by Perfect Security Services.
  • Pre / Post employment investigations
  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • Infringement of Trademark Investigations
  • Character, Antecedent Investigations
Perfect security services has been a pioneer in the field of evidence collection. The evidence is collected using the latest in electronic and other surveillance devices.
To counter fraudulent claims preferred by policy holders, Perfect Security Services provides specialist services by highly trained staff to assist insurance companies. Perfect Security Service carries out the required enquiry for each class of insurance be it locally or world wide to investigate the cause and determine the loss and the liability.
Perfect Security Services in this sector include - On site physical surveys for verification of the supplied information to quantify the risk and also advice on Loss Prevention measures.
To trace the concealed assets of defaulting borrowers, judgement debtors and dishonest employment to effect recoveries or execution of decree. Be it Loan default, Insolvency, Litigation assessment, Employee theft of any king of Internal enquiry Perfect Security Services has all the resources to meet any requirement.
Perfect Security Services offers unique Loss Prevention programmes to assist companies in controlling and minimizing the loss of assets and also to protect assets. The services are both proactive and reactive. Reactive measures are taken to control loss which are followed by proactive measures to prevent reoccurrence.
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